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At BC Window Washing we are licensed, bonded, and insured professional window washers.

But we do offer many other services. 

Window Washing Services

HOW IT WORKS: At BC Window Washing we provide a full service clean where we get right up to the windows and wash each side using a squeegee and a glass cleaning solution. The glass cleaning solution keeps your windows clean for up to 6 months on the outside and 1 year on the inside, and protects your windows from broken seals. Schedule your window cleaning today!

Please Note: A window pane is each side per piece of glass.

Need more information on window panes?

Call (303) 499-7446 with questions. 


Residential Window Cleaning

BC Window Washing offers Residential window cleaning year round. This includes the inside and outside of the windows. This service is provided includes 1, 2 and some 3 story windows.


Small Business Window Cleaning

BC Window Washing offers small business window cleaning year round. This includes the inside and outside of the windows. This service includes 1 and 2 story windows.

Other Services

If you don't see the service you are interested in please do not hesitate to ask.

Contact Robert Bray or Sean Craft with any questions or inquires (303) 499-7446

Window Track.jpeg

Track & Window Seals

It is important to keep window tracks clean to prevent buildup so that your windows shut properly. Here at BC Window Washing we provide a thorough cleaning of tracks. This is a great addition to any window cleaning service.


Screen Cleaning

Cleaning your window screens is important to remove excess dirt and dust that could drift into your home. It also keeps your windows clean longer by preventing excess dirt from attaching to your windows. Here at BC Window Washing we provide a full service screen cleaning scrub to keep screens clean and windows bright and shiny.


Storm Windows

Storm windows protect interior windows from outside damage such as insects and weather. Here at BC Window Washing we want to keep your storm windows looking great by providing regular maintenance that can prolong the life of your storm windows. To do this we remove each pain, washing each side thoroughly and then reassembling.


Sky Light Cleaning

Skylights are welcome additions to homes by providing increased illumination and ventilation. It is important to have them inspected and cleaned from the outside at least once per year. This cleaning involves removing any accumulated debris or films on the glass or plastic. In addition cleaning also involves the interior of the skylight to remove dust and spider webs. At BC Window Washing we are here to help clean all your windows in hard to reach places, and help protect your home from damage.


Garage Windows

Garage door windows are great to increase the amount of natural light in your garage along with curb appeal. But did you know that garage windows should be cleaned every three months to prevent a film from forming due to the build-up of dust, dirt and grime? BC Window Washing is here to help prolong the life and style of your garage door windows.



Keeping mirrors clean is important for longevity and in the cases of mirrors in high moisture areas (bathroom mirror), maintaining a clean routine can be the key to preventing wear like desilvering. Don't let dirty mirrors get in the way of a sparkling-clean home. Call BC Window Washing today!


Shower Doors

BC Window Washing offers shower door cleaning services. This will help keep hard-water stains from building up when drops of water dry on the glass along with preventing mold and mildew from growing in these damp environments. Call BC Window washing for a bathroom that sparkles.


Window Well Cleanout

Window wells are great assets for homes and ways to bring some fresh light and air into the basement. Window wells require regular maintenance in order to properly function. BC Window Washing understands that it is important to clean out window wells to prevent debris build up inside your window wells, especially during stormy weather. If you leave them untouched for too long, your window wells can become a home to piled-up leaves, sticks and dirt. 

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